Matteo 2010

Steven Watson in Sydney

One of my fav’s

More images out for some fresh air..

More Toffic.. Got his partner Letterio coming up very soon.

Something from my past shoots back in Sydney


The hotness of Jeremy

Toffic 2014

Some uncensored versions of my latest shoot

So over the past few weeks I have been hitting the online tutorials hard and polishing my photo shop skills. This week, color, light & shadow. What you all think.

So in no way do I take credit for this image. This is merely to illustrate what I am talking about. Presently I am going through a mandala moment. Monks will often spend days if not weeks creating these pieces of art from grains of sands, each individually placed with special instruments. When they are done, they simple sweep it away to illustrate impermanence. That nothing is forever and you will eventually have to sweep it away or have it swept away for you. A few months ago I believe I was forced into a mandala moment. Everything that I had built and created in the first year of being here in London was destroyed when my computer crashed and I was forced to wipe it away to start anew. The most surprising thing about this moment in my life, was the fact that I wasn’t upset. Instead of feeling angry i felt liberated and lighter. I was able to breath and see things clearer now that I was no longer worrying about what I had created and keeping hold of it.  So when it came to my desperate self attempt to understand myself and the path I was taking, it was no surprise that I was lost and constantly hitting a wall. Because of what I had created around me, I couldn’t see what had been produced from that year. Leading me to become blind and confused. But now that things are clearing I am starting to see that path again. I still have no idea where I am going or doing. But I am finally learning about the importance of the path, and not so much the destination. I don’t expect anybody to read this, as this is for me to vent rather for you to read. But if you do take something away from this, then I would be content in knowing that what I have discovered has become a part of your path as much as it is now mine. SF

Lucas Glover - One of my favs